Robert Downey Jr in Esquire UK (November 2014)

At first it was a thing I absolutely wanted to own, I purchased one as first as I got my first pay. Now, it’s a presence that accompanies me in my everyday life. I take pictures and write on my diary everyday, leaving a trace of everything for the record. Through the camera, I get to know the world I thought I knew a lot more and more deeply.

Artist:Unknown David Bowie
Title: UnknownMagic Dance
634 plays

You remind me of the babe
What babe? babe with the power
What power? power of voodoo
Who do? you do
Do what? remind me of the babe

I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry
What could I do
My baby’s love had gone
And left my baby blue
Nobody knew


Steal his style: Ben Wyatt sitting on a bench eating soup alone.

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140925 | hoseo university festival
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